C  H  A  O  T  I  K  A
1983 † 2007

Cyndi Chaotika · Uperr Left Photograph ©Unknown · Cyndi Chaotika · Lower Right Photograph ©Justice Howard
Original Photograph of Broadway ©Unknown · Artwork ©Petra Maricela Thompson Vioetarojo de Cordero

You are at, The Cyndi Chaotika Memorial & Tribute site, CCMT. This site has been created to pay tribute to Cyndi Chaotika and her legacy as a unique and brilliant independent artist, writer, model. CCMT & CCF was inspired by the tragic and sudden death of Cyndi Chaotika. Cyndi died as a result of *sepsis from using dirty needles. Her condition was complicated by pneumonia and kidney failure. I have been told by a few people that Cyndi's husband refused to allow Cyndi to seek medical help when she first started feeling ill. In addition to this I know for a fact that he kept Cyndi isolated for several months before her death. I tried to contact Cyndi without success for months before her death. Did any of this contribute to Cyndi's death, I can not say. However, to the demise of her health which eventually caused her death, YES! It is no secret that I had spoke to Kathy Carver, Cyndi's mom about going to the district attorney to pursue criminal charges against Cyndi's husband. He passed away after Cyndi and although it seems pointless because he is dead, someday I hope to be able to afford to hire an attorney and investigator to find out the truth about what really happened to Cyndi the last year of her life.

CCMT & CCF had hoped to expedite the process required to legally establish non-profit status and launch the Cyndi Chaotika Foundation in 2008. Unfortunately there have been several setbacks that have hindered the development of this site. CCMT is still working hard to accomplish its original goals but will do so on its own.

CCMT & CCF will work to ensure that Cyndi's legacy and creative properties be kept safe and secure and made available to the public. Cyndi's art, writing, photographs and modeling work will be recorded and documented at this site for your viewing pleasure.

Once all legal matters and applications are processed a board of directors will be appointed to oversee any and all transactions that transpire at CCMT & CCF. The Cyndi Chaotika foundation will be structured as a public foundation supported by multiple sources. By-laws will be created and proper legal documents filed with the IRS. State regulations will be followed to the letter of the law and statutes in the location where the foundation will exist, which is not yet been determined. The CCF will allocate services and or award funds to qualifying applicants as well as specific causes that were dear to Cyndi. Cyndi was devoted to the protection of animals and independence for artists.

CCMT & CCF does not advocate addiction, it is not for the purpose of glamorizing or romanticizing the use of drugs legal or illegal, medically or self prescribed. However, CCMT & CCF recognizes the need for education and a national Directory of Syringe Exchange Programs for intravenous drug users. Education is key for family members and friends regarding issues, symptoms and the, signs to look for in a loved one who has become addicted to drugs and or alcohol. There are serious, painful and terminal dangers for those who use drugs and alcohol to the point of addiction. Sharing needles or using dirty needles causes deaths worldwide some of which could be prevented through a needle exchange program. It seems almost too simple when you say it but it really is not. Many people have no idea that their loved ones use drugs and are in need of assistance. Those that do know, most often they find it too difficult to accept. Parents, friends, lovers, relatives, even strangers feel lost as to what direction to take. People don't know how to go about implementing a plan or even how to approach the person with the problem. Addiction is more than just a 'stupid choice' and to refer to drug abuse with anything but love, understanding and a positive plan is judgmental and extremely unhelpful. One could start by setting boundaries and rules, do what is vital to the situation before it is too late. Intervention, healing and recovery is difficult but it is possible. It does require great love and prayer, humility, perseverance, courage, strength, support and professional help. People who use drugs do deserve a fighting chance, don't give up on your loved ones because they have abandoned themselves and their dreams. We all fall short and I do believe that if not for Gods grace it could be you or I. Perhaps you overeat, maybe you are one of the millions that can not get through a day without consuming unhealthy volumes of coffee, tobacco, candy or fast food. The list of damaging habits is endless, habits that do just as much harm as drug and or alcohol abuse. You are not better than the person who's drug of choice is an illegal substance, you are just better off, be thankful not judgmental.

In addition, this site will not ever contact you through any media such as but not limited to, email, telephone, text or in person to solicit funds for CCMT or CCF. This to include any and all persons involved with CCMT and CCF. If you are approached in any capacity by anyone, any group and or organization saying that they represent CCMT, CCF, Cyndi or her family, or myself, Petra Maricela Thompson Violetarojo it is a fraudulent attempt to extract funds from you. They do not represent CCMT or CCF. Please report them to the proper authorities and CONTACT us directly so that we can make a record of it and follow through with a formal complaint of our own.

*Sepsis, Septicemia is a painful death sentence in most cases for intravenous drug users but is also preventable. Sepsis can result from using dirty needles or not cleansing the skin properly prior to injecting oneself with drugs. Sepsis occurs when large numbers of infectious agents exist in the blood. Bacteria usually enter the blood from an infection somewhere in the body. Infections with fungi and parasites may lead to sepsis as well.

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